The cutting edge of the thin arm gives you a slim arm


The cutting edge of the thin arm gives you a slim arm

In order to get rid of the fierce fat on the upper arm, the following re-slim arm exercises can achieve your slim hand arm dream, 2 times a day, for two weeks will have a significant effect.

銆€銆€The thin upper arm is aimed at the arm line. The following set of arm exercises can be used to make the fat arms disappear.


Hold the book with your left hand and lift it up, and hold your hand with your right hand.


The left hand flexes backwards and takes a breath for 20 seconds.


While exhaling, slowly raise the left hand into a horizontal line, and repeat the movements of the left and right hands 10 times each.

銆€銆€Sturdy arm with side back pocket: You should hold the center of the strap with your hand in order to make your arm muscles stronger.

銆€銆€Thin Arm Recipe: Early: Green Tea, Apple, 1 Cup Original Low Fat Cheese Midday: Fresh Eggplant Beef Rice Half Bowl, Saut茅ed Vegetables 1 Bowl Afternoon Tea: 1 Pear, Almond 1 Tbsp Night: Seafood Soup Udon 1 Bowl (Crab willow, corn, cucumber, squid) thin arm for the arm line, in addition to books or handbags to strengthen the arm, you can also try to replace the dumbbell with a plastic water bottle to tighten the arm muscle: 1.

Separate your feet properly and hold the plastic water bottle with one hand.


Lift the plastic water bottle 90 degrees with one hand and to the forehead position for 10 seconds.


Raise your hands and straighten, and relax the other hand for 20 seconds. Then repeat the steps 1 to 3 and do 20 times for each of your left and right hands.

銆€銆€Win the wrist with your handbag: Hang the handbag on your forearm as close as possible to the bottom of the bottom, and spread the weight to the center of the body, which will make the arm line more prominent.

銆€銆€Thin arm recipe: Early: carrot, ginger, cooked peanuts and black bean rice porridge: 1 steamed radish cake, 2 shrimp dumplings, 1 steamed sausage powder, 1 bowl of fried green tea: cheese, cucumber,Tomatoes and wheat bags in the evening: 1 bowl of boiled meat (lean meat, fresh fish fillet, chaise longue, tofu, yuba, silk, udon, melon, mushroom)