Are you suitable for liposuction to lose weight?


Are you suitable for liposuction to lose weight?

It is difficult for the fat to sculpt the devil’s figure. Because the devil’s figure is standard, the consumer who wants the devil’s body must have high expectations. It should belong to one of the people who can’t be operated by the doctor.

What’s more, the devil’s body can be completely removed, and it is also related to a series of problems such as bones, muscles and skin.

He advises consumers to choose liposuction carefully, because unlike general surgery, liposuction has two risks: the effect risk and the health risk.

銆€銆€There are twelve major risks in liposuction surgery. Dr. Chen said that any surgery is risky.

At present, the risk of liposuction surgery is: in the process of liposuction, the blood vessel is damaged, and it is brought into the heart after being slightly into the blood vessel, causing blood vessel embolism and pulmonary embolism, and the respiratory depression of the consumer is imminent; the excessive complications cause the consumerRespiratory arrest; excessive bleeding, excessive bleeding, leading to blood circulation failure.

銆€銆€In addition, the complications caused by liposuction are: implant infection: the infection rate of this surgery is about 2%?
Between 5%, mainly in the hospital’s aseptic conditions, the doctor’s operation, the patient’s physical condition, the intervention recovery conditions, whether it is reasonable to prevent the application of antibacterial drugs and other factors.

銆€銆€Skin flap necrosis at the surgical site: If the subcutaneous aunt sucks too much during the operation, the skin’s blood circulation is destroyed, skin blisters and even necrosis may occur, leaving residual traces and affecting the appearance. At this point, the doctor’s skill level is very important.
銆€銆€At least a few millimeters of healing time is required to gradually restore healing. However, if the weight is too heavy, infection, fluid accumulation, etc., delayed healing may occur, and the traces of small wounds left after healing are also obvious.

銆€銆€Step by step numbness and abnormal feeling: gradually, the liposuction part of the skin feels inevitable deviation, numbness and abnormal feelings such as occasional acupuncture, ant feeling, etc., generally gradually 1?
Gradually recovered in 3 months.
銆€銆€The operation area is not flat: liposuction is not absolutely uniform, so there will be unevenness in the reorganization area. This point mainly depends on the doctor’s technique. Mild unevenness is inevitable. Gradually wear elastic corsets and appropriate massage 1?
3 months can be gradually leveled, and the severity is not as smooth as 3?
If you can’t recover after 6 months, you need to re-lip the fat.

銆€銆€The liposuction height is severely asymmetrical: this is caused by improper preoperative design and intraoperative operation.

銆€銆€Liquor and other six types of cosmetic surgery are the most vulnerable to failure. Cosmetics expert Chen Huanran told consumers that the common six types of failed cosmetic surgery mainly focus on the nose, eyes, wrinkles, liposuction, breast and chin shaping.

The easiest thing to do is the eye, which is the most difficult cosmetic surgery to do once it is done.

Failure to pull the double eyelids can cause scarring and blinking. Failure to remove the eye bags can cause the lower eyelids to eversion. Even when you sleep, you can’t close your eyes, see the wind and tears, and eventually lead to conjunctivitis or keratitis, severe ulcers and even blindness.

In our daily repair surgery, 50% is repaired for the eyes.

It’s actually the nose. In some failed operations, the nose is skewed, the infection is deformed, and even the silicone is coming out. Jackson’s strange nose in the world has reversed some people’s lessons.

Once again, breast cancer, failed breast plastic surgery will cause slight asymmetry, breast stiffness, complications or nerve damage that double dominates the nipple, nipple loss of sensation and erectile function, the most serious cause of complications of infection, ulcerationFinally, the entire breast has to be removed.

Liposuction surgery is currently the most extensive operation. It is generally believed that liposuction surgery is a relatively simple, safe and effective operation, but it can only be such surgery, and it is not rare to do bad, but once it is done, it will lead toThe parts that are being liposuction are uneven, like “lane ditch” or “washing board”.

銆€銆€The failure of chin surgery can easily lead to chin slanting and the prosthesis moving up or down.

There are many complications of wrinkle removal. The failure of the operation will cause eyebrows, mouth, high and low corners of the eyes, or leave obvious scars in the hair, leading to hair loss, the most serious cause facial nerve damage to facial paralysis.

銆€銆€Six people should not undergo liposuction. In addition to carrying photos, consumers who want to make someone’s star body can’t accept it. There are also six people who are to be rejected by liposuction doctors. They are children, heart patients.Hypertensive patients, patients with pulmonary heart disease, liver disease patients and patients with kidney disease.

Patients who have the above-mentioned functional diseases, if they undergo liposuction, are prone to serious complications and even life-threatening.

Children are in the stage of growth and development, with poor tolerance and fragile life, while some parents take their own chubby piers and seek medical treatment. They want to let their children reduce their weight to normal levels within a few days.

Professor Ding Zongyi, a child nutrition expert at Beijing Children’s Hospital, said that there are four resets in children’s weight loss: drinking slimming tea, taking short-term quick-acting weight loss pills; eliminating the use of surgical therapy; performing liposuction to lose weight; using Qigong, etc.Physical weight loss methods.

Because the above weight loss methods can seriously hinder the growth and development of children.

銆€銆€Liposuction is a typical orthopedic surgery. It is not a general life beauty project. The choice of indications, preoperative preparation, intraoperative operation and stepwise treatment should be strictly carried out. Therefore, the distance between the plastic surgery medical institutions and the highly trained,An objective plastic surgeon is the only correct choice for such a surgeon. Be careful with the doctor who 鈥減acks the ticket鈥?

This can also greatly reduce the risk and complications of liposuction, correct the incidental complications and achieve a good shape improvement.