[Do you often drink lotus leaf tea is good for your body]_Action_Benefits

[Do you often drink lotus leaf tea is good for your body]_Action_Benefits

Many women who are losing weight will choose foods that are good for weight loss, such as some high-protein foods, crude fiber foods, and so on. These can promote digestion without putting a burden on the body.

Lotus leaf tea has the effects of urination, improving metabolism, detoxification, etc. Although it can help people to relax on the road to weight loss, is it good to drink lotus leaf tea often?

Lotus leaf tea can eliminate fat and lose weight, and detoxify laxative. It is a natural health drink. Lotus leaf tea is not suitable for people with cold body.Normal secretion.

However, people who are physically strong can drink lotus leaf tea for a long time, which can accelerate the absorption of the body and relieve the unfortunate burden on the body. Therefore, if you have a cold constitution, do not choose to drink lotus leaf tea to lose weight.
Lotus leaf tea has higher efficacy. Lotus leaf contains a large amount of cellulose, which can accelerate the peristalsis of the large intestine, which is beneficial to defecation.

He can also remove excess water from the body, which is a good aquatic product for office workers who have been sitting in the office for a long time.

In addition to lotus leaf tea can help lose weight, it can also improve the body’s metabolism and supplement tea leptin in the tandem.

While using lotus leaf tea for weight loss, the following taboos cannot be ignored.


People with poor health are not suitable for drinking lotus leaf tea.

In addition to people with cold body, there is also low blood pressure and weak body. Pregnant women cannot drink lotus leaf tea. If they take lotus leaf tea for a long time, it will cause kidney failure.


Do not eat lotus leaf tea before or after meals, as this will affect the digestive function of the initialization, and you must wait an hour after meals before drinking.


After drinking lotus leaf tea, do not drink green tea or puer tea anymore, it will conflict with the efficacy of lotus leaf tea.

Also be careful not to eat foods that conflict with the efficacy of lotus leaf tea, a small amount of Poria, silver and copper oil.


Don’t drink lotus leaf tea when you come to your aunt to lose weight.

Because the lotus leaf has a hemostatic effect, it will cause improper menstruation if it is during the menstrual period.