[How to make a big iron pot paste with boiled fish]_Big iron pot paste with boiled fish-a common practice _ Big iron pot paste with boiled fish-the practice Daquan _ big iron pot paste with boiled fish-how to do it

[Boiled fish in a large iron pot?

Practice]_ big iron pot paste simmered fish?

Home-made practice _ big iron pot paste?

Practice Daquan _ big iron pot paste?

How to do it

More and more people in a busy life potentially take away food and ignore real green and healthy home cooking.

Big wok sticks?

It is a very delicious home-cooked dish. Spend a little time in your busy life, make small dishes, and give yourself to your busy life. Don’t be worn away by life.

1. Clean up the fish, use a flower knife, marinate for half an hour, and start preparing the seasoning!

2, scallion, ginger, garlic, aniseed gerbera salt, sugar, pepper 3, add all the vinegar to the old pumped salt water for backup 4, fill the marinated fish with flour 5, the pan is heated and poured oil, the oil is hot into the fish?

6, fry until golden on both sides, pour in seasoning water and a bottle of beer!

7, cornmeal and stick to the side of the pot 8, everyone boil, turn to low heat!

half an hour!

9, succeed!

Out of the pot!

Fresh and delicious cauldron paste, boil the fish and simmer!

If you want to enjoy life, you can’t ignore the diet.

The method is very simple, it is a good choice for people who want to be lazy and healthy.