[How to cut diamond-shaped slices of Pleurotus eryngii]_Slicing method_How to go

[How to cut diamond-shaped slices of Pleurotus eryngii]_Slicing method_How to go

Pleurotus eryngii has both the flavor of almonds and the thickening of fungal flesh. The taste is abalone-like. Its nutrition is very rich. It contains a lot of protein, trace elements and multivitamins.Fat, intestines, anti-cancer, beauty and other effects.

There are various ways to cut Pleurotus eryngii. Diamond-shaped slices are often used in cooking.

This cutting method is not only beautiful but also shortens the cooking time.

First, how to cut diamond-shaped slices of Pleurotus eryngii 1.

Cut the Pleurotus eryngii diagonally into equal sections.


The top is facing up 3.

Cut vertically into equal pieces.

Looking down, it’s a rhombus.

Second, various cutting methods of Pleurotus eryngii 1.

Generally slice and clean Pleurotus eryngii for later use.

Put it directly on the chopping board, go to the end of any head, then cut it diagonally from the beginning and cut into the thickness of one yuan coin.


The hob block is cut diagonally first, turning the cut side up.

Cut obliquely at half of the cut surface (depending on the size of the block to be cut).

Turn the last cut up again.

Still beveled at about a half.

Keep turning everything in this way, and everything is OK.

3 Crossbrush clean the Pleurotus eryngii.

Cut into small pieces and cut it according to the method of squid flower knife, cut diagonally from beginning to end, be careful not to cut.

Then turn 90 degrees, the same way the straight knife can not cut.

Cut the cross and cut it.

Third, the effect of Pleurotus eryngii 1.

Appetizing and spleen apricot abalone has a good spleen appetizing effect, and also has a good therapeutic effect on gastric ulcer and indigestion.


Promote digestion Pleurotus eryngii is rich in rich oligosaccharides, has the function of promoting digestion and absorption, has a certain effect on bowel defecation, and the substitute fiber it contains can also promote gastrointestinal motility.


Lipid-lowering and hypotensive Pleurotus eryngii can promote the digestion and absorption of human body lipids and prevent dissolution, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.


Anemia Pleurotus eryngii is rich in iron, which can effectively regulate symptoms such as iron deficiency anemia and hemolytic anemia.


Enhance immunity Pleurotus eryngii is a high-protein low-fat nutritional health product. Regular consumption can enhance nutrition and enhance immune resistance.


Beauty and nutrition The rich dietary fiber contained in Pleurotus eryngii can help metabolize toxins in the body, thereby maintaining skin gloss and improving skin beauty and other beauty functions.

4. Tips for buying dried Pleurotus eryngii 1.

Look at the shape: the whole mushroom is sliced, the shape is complete, the color is milky white with yellowish as the freshest.


Look at the color: Pleurotus eryngii is white with a little yellow and bright color. The color of the pleats should be light yellow to milky white.
Smell the scent: It has a light fragrance, and the peculiar aroma of Pleurotus eryngii is better; no scent, or other strange smell, and musty quality.


Touch dryness: The concentration of dried Pleurotus eryngii is 10%?
11% is suitable, the quality is crisp and not broken.

Too wet for storage and easy to deteriorate.