10 habits in summer, the most spleen and stomach, mad eating cold drinks, blowing air conditioners

10 habits in summer, the most spleen and stomach, mad eating cold drinks, blowing air conditioners

The hot weather in summer is a period of high incidence of gastrointestinal diseases. In the summer, if you want to raise your spleen and stomach, you should correct some bad habits that hurt the spleen and stomach in summer. Otherwise, eating more food for the spleen and stomach will also be ineffective.
So what are the bad habits of the most spleen and stomach in summer?
The following small series introduces you to ten bad habits that hurt the spleen and stomach in summer.
銆€銆€1, eat cold drinks mad summer temperatures are high, people are very easy to eat cold drinks.
Iced drinks, ice cream, iced watermelon, etc., can not wait to eat anything cold, but overeating cold drinks will suddenly drop the temperature in the gastrointestinal tract, local blood circulation slows down, blood flow decreases, affecting the absorption of nutrients by the gastrointestinal tract.
From the perspective of Chinese medicine, over-eating cold and cold things can easily damage the spleen and stomach, causing spleen and stomach deficiency.
Cold and spleen, the common performance is white greasy tongue, light abdominal pain, diarrhea, and nausea and vomiting.
銆€銆€The way to relieve the symptoms of discomfort is to drink ginger soup. If you are sick and want to vomit, you can also drink some musk.
When eating cold drinks, it is best to keep them in your mouth for a while to reduce the irritation to the spleen and stomach.
銆€銆€2, blowing air conditioning excessive blowing air conditioning can also cause stomach problems.
The weather in summer is hot, and the temperature difference between the air-conditioned room and the outdoor room is very different. The stimulation of cold and heat causes the chemical component of histamine in the blood to increase, the secretion of gastric acid increases, and the gastrointestinal contraction is prone to abdominal contraction.
In addition, because of the heat, many people do not cover the quilt at night, and some still blow air conditioning for a long time.
However, it is easy to let the stomach get cold, and symptoms such as nausea and bloating appear.
銆€銆€It is the healthiest to replace the air conditioner with a traditional hand fan.
The air conditioning temperature should be turned up or turned off before leaving work to adapt to the post-work environment.
銆€銆€3, dressing waist and abdomen In the summer, suspenders, exposed navel, low waist pants is the first choice for beauty.
The navel is the weakest part of the body’s resistance to the outside world. It is exposed to the outside for a long time, and the cold can easily invade the body through the navel, causing stomach discomfort and inducing symptoms such as diarrhea.
銆€銆€It is recommended that the weather be hot again. Female friends should also wear less or even wear a navel. At night, they should also pay attention to the warmth of the abdomen to prevent cold.
銆€銆€4銆佸枬澶鍑夎尪銆€銆€鍑夎尪涓€鑸兘鏄敱娓呯儹瑙f瘨鐨勪腑鑽夎嵂鍒舵垚锛岃繖浜涗腑鑽夎嵂涓€鑸兘鏄亸瀵掓€э紝灏ゅ叾鏄劸鑳冭櫄瀵掔殑浜恒€佽儍鑲犻亾涓嶉€傜殑浜恒€佷綋璐ㄥ急涓€浜涚殑鑰佷汉鍜屽皬瀛┿€丳regnant women and lactating women should be cautious and not drink in large quantities.
Excessive drinking of herbal tea can easily cause spleen and stomach discomfort, and severe cases can induce gastrointestinal diseases.
銆€銆€Herbal tea should not be consumed for a long time. Menstruation women, expectant mothers, mothers and young children should not drink more.
The spleen deficiency summer health, can take the principle of replenishing qi and nourishing yin, strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach, clearing the heat and dampness, and sweating more people, you can drink some ebony juice, sour plum soup, have the effect of sweating, dampness and digestion.
銆€銆€5, do not eat staple food In the summer, many people have a bad appetite, do not like to eat staple food.
Yang Li pointed out that Chinese medicine says “the grain is raised”, and if it does not eat the staple food, the spleen and stomach will become weaker and weaker.
銆€銆€If the appetite is poor, you can eat appetizing foods, such as Sichuan kimchi, or porridge health porridge, such as mung bean porridge, yam lentil rice porridge, sweet potato oatmeal, etc. are all good choices.
銆€銆€6, vegetables only eat raw, do not cook hot days in the kitchen to cook is a kind of torment, so many people choose not to open the cold salad or eat raw.
However, the cold vegetables are cold, and it is not easy to digest raw food, which hurts the spleen and stomach.
銆€銆€There must be a hot dish to cook in one day.
Melons and beans are rich in nutrients and can be eaten properly in summer.
銆€銆€7, addicted to spicy and heavy taste Summer night streets, spicy crayfish, mala Tang and other heavy-tasting snacks are a lot of people’s favorite.
Summer is heavier, eating spicy food helps to dehumidify, appetite and spleen, but eating too much will stimulate the mucous membranes of the mouth, esophagus and stomach, easily cause stomach fire, long mouth sores.
銆€銆€At this time, you can drink green bean soup or eat some watermelon to clear the fire.
Eat more summer vegetables, such as spinach, cucumber, bitter gourd, tomato, eggplant, sweet apricots, plums, etc. to help reduce fire.
銆€銆€8, a lot of drinking “early wine hurts the stomach, hangover hurts the spleen”, the damage to the spleen and stomach of the wine is not to be underestimated.
Alcohol (ethanol) is an organic solvent. Alcohol is very harmful to the esophagus and gastric mucosa. Drinking alcohol for a long time, or excessive drinking will affect our gastrointestinal function, causing gastric mucosal erosion, easily leading to gastritis, gastric ulcer, and directly causing stomach.Mucosal damage.
銆€銆€Drinking some alcohol properly is not harmful to the body. What we need to pay attention to is that drinking should be moderate. First of all, when drinking, we should pay attention to a bite of food, not just a bite or booze.
Second, drinking must be moderate.
Again, when drinking alcohol, warm drinks are more appropriate, so the damage to the spleen and stomach is smaller.Before drinking, we can eat some soy products or fresh vegetables. It is best to drink a cup of milk before drinking. Add milk of sugar or honey to promote the decomposition of ethanol and protect the gastric mucosa.
銆€銆€9, hungry for a full meal Spleen and stomach like regular life, regular quantitative, chewing slowly, is the key to maintaining the spleen and stomach.
If you often have a hungry meal, eat or eat while eating, the long time will inevitably lead to spleen and stomach weakness, easy to suffer from gastritis, stomach ulcers and other diseases.
銆€銆€The diet should be scientific, the food should not be full, and it should not be hunger.
So what level of eating is just right?
Numerous facts also prove that eating seven or eight minutes per meal is the most comfortable.
There is still a taste of food in the mouth, which makes people feel good.
If you eat too much occasionally, after half an hour of eating, be sure to take the necessary sports, such as walking, playing Tai Chi, etc., are good choices.
銆€銆€10, staying up late Summer days, coupled with hot, many people used to sleep late.
In recent days, the World Cup has been in full swing and many people watched the ball late at night.
Yang Li said that staying up late and yin, it is easy to cause yin deficiency, qi deficiency, not only hurt the spleen and stomach, the five internal organs are very hurt.
銆€銆€If you want to maintain your health, you must sleep well with the 鈥淢ei Zi Jue鈥? that is, you can sleep at 11 o’clock in the evening and sleep for half an hour at noon, which is good for your health.