[How to cook peeled chestnut]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[How to cook peeled chestnut]_ making method _ practice Daquan

Chestnuts are delicious and hard to peel. This is a problem that many people feel more scratching their heads. In fact, chestnuts are better to peel. Before they are cooked, they must be prepared so that after cooking, the chestnut skin can be peeled off easilyIt is said that it can be easily peeled and loosened by using salt water, rice cooker, or oven, etc., so that you don’t have to labor when eating.

Peel chestnuts skillfully and peel them easily. The first method: boil in brine. After the chestnuts are washed, cut a little bit from the middle with a knife. 2. Put in the brine and cook on the stove for 5 minutes.的 壳 和 皮; 4, all peeled, quite complete.

The second method: rice cooker method 1, cut the chestnut after washing the chestnut; 2, put in the rice cooker without water; 3, click the rice cooking button, take out the shell and peel; 4 because this cooksWhen you’re done, you’re ready.

So it is easy to peel.

The colors are not very nice either.

The third method: pressure cooker method 1, after chestnut cleaning, cut a hole with a knife; 2, put in a pressure cooker without water; 3, turn off the heat for three minutes after gas.

Remove the shell and skin; 4, it is more difficult to peel, and when the fire is off, it is not easy.

The first method: sun exposure (misalignment) 1, directly under the sun; 2, after a day of exposure, it is not easy to peel; 3, after another day of exposure, it is still not easy to peel.

Fifth method: Sun exposure method 1. Cut chestnuts with a knife and expose to the sun; 2. One day later; 3. You can peel one; 4. After two days, you can peel, but it is not easy.

The following chestnut methods look good.

The most recommended method is salt water immersion.