Health strategy in ancient room surgery

Health strategy in ancient “room surgery”

I often have friends asking me, is 鈥渋n the room鈥?a word with erotic meaning?
How many of the many theories in the room are in line with modern medicine?
Indeed, there are many misunderstandings in the “room-in-law” in the society today: some people regard the theory of “one drop of fine blood and ten drops of blood” and “supplement of exhaustion” as the norm of sexual life, and believe that dog whip and tiger whip can impotenceSome people regard it as a paradox of sin and ignorance, completely disregarding the traditional concept of sexual health.
銆€銆€The author believes that it is ridiculous to respect the practice of the room, but it is not right to kill it with a stick.
鎴夸腑鏈槸涓€涓叧绯诲埌鍋ュ悍闀垮鐨勪弗鑲冭棰橈紝鑷充粖浠嶆湁涓嶅皯鍐呭鍊煎緱鐜颁唬浜哄涔狅細銆€銆€鎻愬€$敺鎬ц妭娆层€€銆€鍗冪櫨骞存潵锛屼綔涓轰腑鍖诲鐨勪竴涓垎鏀紝鎴夸腑鏈渶澶х殑鐗圭偣鍦ㄤ簬鍖诲瀹堕€氳繃The observation of the phenomenon of “individual desire to hurt the body” puts forward the idea of “abstinence to maintain health”, that is, advocates that both sexes enjoy sexual pleasure while restraining sexual life and taking into account health and longevity.
For men, this “abstinence” view is more prominent.
銆€銆€Advocating male abstinence has two meanings: First, recognizing that sexual life is an important part of the husband and wife’s way, but it is necessary to 鈥渂e happy and have festivals鈥? that is, male and female sexual love conforms to the law of change of yin and yang in heaven and earth, but it is necessary to limit the frequency to be healthy and longevity.
銆€銆€The second layer means that the amount of ejaculation when controlling the cross, even if you don’t shoot it, and pass it to the folks, there is a saying that “a drop of fine blood drops.”
It should be emphasized that this statement is not correct.
Because sexual intercourse is mostly physical consumption, as well as a small loss of protein, sugar and water, as long as the normal frequency is maintained, it is not harmful to health at all.
Excessive pursuit of endurance does not shoot, but may cause men’s posterior urethra and bladder congestion, causing frequent urination after sexual intercourse, but also easily cause male mental burden, affecting its normal sexual desire.
銆€銆€Pay more attention to women’s sexual gratification For sexual gratification, ancient house surgery emphasizes women’s feelings, and believes that only when women get orgasm is it beneficial to both men and women, especially men.
Therefore, most of the sexual skills in the room are aimed at inspiring women’s pleasure.
銆€銆€Specifically, the most important thing about the middle of the room is that there must be foreplay in the sexual life, sexual arousal to the woman; sex time is moderate, and must wait until the woman gets orgasm and then ends.
This theory coincides with the theory of modern sexuality that emphasizes full foreplay and control of sexual love time.
銆€銆€In addition, many home surgery theories emphasize the skills of “nine shallow and one deep” when sex, that is, when the penis is inserted into the vagina during sexual intercourse, it should not be too deep. When twitching, it should be balanced, thinking that this can increase the pleasure of men and women.And can avoid damage to the blood.
This theory is similar to the female G-point theory and the female sexual sensitive area in modern sex. That is, only the outer third of the female vagina has tactile nerve endings. This part can be effectively stimulated to help the maximum.Women gain sexual pleasure.
銆€銆€Seven kinds of abnormal men should pay attention to the ancient Chinese Fangzhong technique for sexual life taboos a lot, the general principle is that no matter men and women, should not live in a bad climate, environment and mood.
It should be said that this kind of reference conforms to sexual health and sexual health, not only can bring good quality of sex, but also help couples to have good health.
銆€銆€In terms of details, Fangzhong has more attention to men, and seven of them are in line with modern medicine: First, there is no suffocation in sexual life, or severe pain in the penis during sexual intercourse, all of which are abnormal reactions.Sexual life should be avoided. Second, the semen dripping in the intercourse is not normal, it is not normal, need to regulate the body; Third, the sexual intercourse is not controlled, leading to exhaustion of the essence, very harmful to health; Fourth, the penis does not lift when the house, indicating that the body is outThe problem needs to be carefully nursed; five, during the process of sexual intercourse, shortness of breath, disappointment, should stop sexual life, adjust the mind; six, no desire to force the house, is also very bad for men’s health; seventh, men in sex lifeIt also needs a moderate degree of arousal. When you have a good time, you can go straight to the subject and be very unfavorable to your health.
銆€銆€Advocating regular sexual health In order to enhance sexual health, Fangzhong also advocates regular sexual health exercises.
For example, in 1973, the ancient bamboo book published in Mawangdui, Changsha, Hunan Province, mentioned in the book “The World to the Tao”, you should sit in bed every morning after getting up, stretch your back, relax your hips, and do astringent anal exercise.
銆€銆€In the intercourse, the male should wait until the penis is fully erected before going to the house. The movement should be as gentle as possible, relax the back and converge on the anus.
When ejaculation, bend the back, do not move the limbs, and take a deep breath, wait quietly for a while and then ejaculate.
銆€銆€After the accident, the remaining essence should be exhausted, the penis should not be taken out when it is weak, and the genitals should be cleaned after the sexual intercourse is completed.