Chinese medicine talks with you about “medicine cited”

Chinese medicine prescriptions pay attention to “medicine cited”.
What is the role of medicine?
According to historical literature, the drug induces a menstrual effect (that is, concentrates the drug component on the lesion), enhances the therapeutic effect, detoxification, stomach protection, and flavoring.
  Xiaobian below introduces several commonly used drugs: salt, salty, cold, kidney, stomach, large intestine, with clear water, detoxification effect.
Liuwei Dihuang Pills and Qiju Dihuang Pills for the treatment of kidney yin deficiency should be served with light saline water, and the salty energy can be taken into the kidney.
  Ginger Xin, lukewarm, into the lungs, spleen, sweating solution, warming cough, warm lung and cough.
When treating cold, cold, vomiting, 3~5 pieces of ginger are used as a guide to enhance the curative effect.
  Onion white, warm, into the lungs, stomach, there is the effect of dispelling cold through the yang, detoxification and dispersing.
When treating colds and colds, cold urine can not be closed, 5 to 7 roots are commonly used for introduction.
  Lantern sweet, light, slightly cold, into the heart, small intestine, can clear the heart and trouble, diuretic Tonglin.
When treating heart fire Yuan Sheng and urinating short red, it is advisable to use a small rush of rush.
  Glutinous rice Gan, Ping, into the stomach, is beneficial to the effect of Qi and stomach.
When the treatment of fiery syndrome requires large doses of bitter cold medicine, in order to prevent bitter cold and stomach, often take a small amount of glutinous rice as a guide to protect the stomach.
Such as the Qinghu antipyretic white tiger soup.
  Jujube Gan, warm, spleen, stomach, can benefit Qi, nourish the blood, calm the nerves, reconcile the drug.
When using severe drugs (such as sorghum, sassafras, scorpion, sputum), 10-15 pieces of jujube are often used to alleviate poisoning to prevent poisoning.
  Honey Gan, Ping, into the lungs, spleen, large intestine, can nourish, moisten, detoxification.
When treating lung deficiency heat and intestinal dry constipation syndrome, commonly used honey 1-2 tablespoons for introduction.
  Vinegar, acid, flat, with dilated and painful, astringent and solid effect.
When treating women with vaginal discharge, blood heat rupture, and sputum abdominal pain syndrome, 1 tablespoon of vinegar is often used as a medicine.
  Brown sugar, sweet, warm, can make up the middle, sputum.
When treating maternal lochia with poor symptoms and less abdominal pain, it is often taken as 20-30 grams of brown sugar.