How many strokes do you have to flirt?

How many strokes do you have to flirt?

The word “flirting” is no stranger to people. It is not a good word in people’s habits and impressions. It is not serious, teasing and frivolous.

Because it is often associated with some unhealthy and ethical storylines in literary works, such as Pan Jinlian in “Water Margin” deliberately dropped the wooden sticks on the head of Ximen Qing, and so on.

In fact, people in life are very cautious when using it.

銆€銆€The word “sentiment” is much more elegant. It means that someone has an sentiment. It is actually suggesting that someone is a person with a lot of life, has affinity, has a sense of humor, is free, and has an artistic atmosphere.

銆€銆€However, in many cases, the mood is achieved through flirting.

At this point, people seem to be more tolerant and understand some of the Western practices.

When people see a promising man in a film and television work, telling a woman with a slender, temperamental woman to give her the autumn wave or the words, she will always sigh in her heart: there is more sentiment!

Or see the young man whistling to the young girl, or a meaningful “Hi”, or a relative’s movements, our response is: 鐬?people have more energy, how bright the life of the sun!

In fact, the “flirting” at this time has become synonymous with straightforwardness, cheerfulness and humor.

銆€銆€Some people say that “flirting is a trick of love in the art of speech.”

In an era when we need personality and charm, the role of flirting is self-evident.

If the intention is not wretched and immoral, then in fact it is a healthy entertainment that will bring bright colors to your life, make life more relaxed and lively, become interesting, more natural and more human.

銆€銆€Flirting can be a few seconds (with a look of love), or a few weeks, a few months of whispers.

Through the language (sometimes without even the language), the other person’s imagination is lingering, and the heart is turbulent, and the result is both joyful and joyful.

Therefore, as long as we can grasp the size, why can’t we create a variety of warm and intoxicating atmosphere?

銆€銆€(1) Long-term flirting If you are a little weak and can’t maintain confidence in social situations, then “long-term” flirting is more appropriate for you, you can, for a long time, a strangerA sigh came out of the ground.

Sometimes you will encounter this “long line” flirting.

The most basic form is that someone yells at you: “Oh, great beauty.”

This person is some distance away from you, so that you don’t feel offended, just feel very interesting, truck drivers are not tired of this practice.

銆€銆€鈥淟ong-term鈥?flirting is very common because it does not require a lot of courage and the risk factor is small.

Don’t be rude when flirting. Your goal is to make others smile, not to be shocked. Don’t think that this practice is for men. Today’s women can’t take such lightning action more than ever before.

銆€銆€One day, he jogged in the park, and a lady flew by a motorbike or cabriolet and shouted at him: “Hey, boy!

“The car is whizzing past, and the laughter from the Lang Lang, will he be annoyed?

No, his heart was beautiful all day long.

銆€銆€A recent study has shown that men think that women who will flirt are more attractive than women who are not flirting, so be bold, just be sure that you will not leave a bad impression on others.

In addition, the timing of the “long-term” flirting should also choose the appropriate location (for example, at midnight, when walking in a certain place in the city, this is not appropriate).

銆€銆€(2) Advanced Flirting If you are not satisfied with the “long-term” flirting and want to conduct more long-term exchanges, you can consider the following flirting skills: the role of praise should be directly to the other party, not to exaggerate objects.

If you say: “I like your tie.

“It will make the man feel confused. I don’t know if you like a tie or a person, so you should say: “You know that the tie is quite chic, it makes your eyes look very clear.

“Showing the ear to listen to the words from time to time nodded, after the other party finished, you consider a second to answer quickly.

Because, you may have noticed that in the case of one-on-one, the more you think about what to say, the more you will be flustered and stunned. If there is such a cold field in the conversation, it will lead the topic to what you have already talked about.Instead of rushing to start a new topic, the old words rephrase that you are very concerned about the personality you just listened to, so you are very interested, so that you can continue your personality. You don’t have to search for a good topic to drive your personality.

銆€銆€Give the other side help If she mentioned that her car was parked outside of Eight Streets, and she left very late that night, you can ask to accompany her to pick up the car.

If he has a few big bags on his hand, you can ask for a food bag for him. If she mentioned that she is going to paint the room, you can suggest which store she can buy cheap paint (or ask you too)Take the brush to get a force).

You have to show that you are willing to help each other, make his or her life easier, and deepen your interaction and increase understanding through this.

銆€銆€Ask some well-targeted questions, don’t make a fuss, and take the time to explore other people’s wealth.

Like “Where did you grow up?”

“Or “Do you love watching horror movies?”

“The questions are easy and pleasant, and they show that you are willing to know each other.”Please don’t mention the heavy problem of “the theme is too big”, such as “What is your life goal?

“Showing cheerful and easy-going charm, you can tell him that you saw her at that boring party. You can revisit a topic she said last week. You can tell her that you like her new hair.”You can tell her how fascinating you are when you first hear her laughter.

銆€銆€The eyes of the four eyes gaze at each other’s eyes for more than a second, but don’t stare at them.

Then remove your gaze and let the other person have time to figure out what he or she is looking at (not the other people around).

Then stare at each other again, this time with a smile.

There may be several roads that pass by to the women’s locker room. You can replace the one that can meet him halfway.

Walk in front of him and let him admire your shadow. If the road is crowded, you can pretend to pass by with him unintentionally, don’t make it stand out, and smile when you pass.

銆€銆€Touching the other person’s conversation, carelessly (note: careless, this is the most critical) put your hand on top of him, the best time to do this is after the other party said a super smart or special replacement.

Touching means that you naturally understand that you are emotional.

But be careful, don’t overdo it.

銆€銆€Look directly at the other side. If you are sitting side by side, don’t just let him see your shoulders.

When you speak, face him, which will make the other person feel respected.

銆€銆€Pulling the distance closer you don’t have to breathe on his tie, but don’t leave him three feet away.

Go one step forward and let him stop being wary of you, don’t back down.

銆€銆€Of course, all of the above are just suggestions. In certain circumstances, there are special efficacies in certain people, and sometimes they are not applicable.

Find the most convenient and successful way for you to develop your unique mood.

Once the style is formed, don’t be conservative, don’t hide it, spread your charm around.