[Is hair growth tea effective]_action_concentration

[Is hair growth tea effective]_action_concentration

Hair loss is now a problem faced by more and more friends.

When everyone has hair loss, they will think of various ways to grow hair.

Many people will even find some recipes, but the effect is not very good, and even the hair loss is getting worse.

Among various hair growth products, hair growth tea is an emerging product.

So, do you know that hair tea is effective?

Understand the causes of hair loss There are many reasons for hair loss, including physiological hair loss and pathological hair loss.

For us, the most common cause of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, also known as seborrheic alopecia, which is the main reason for hair loss now.

Perhaps most people think that hair loss is a natural state.

“Hair loss has slowly affected people’s normal life and work.” The issue of hair loss has also attracted more and more attention.

The causes of hair loss include: seborrheic hair loss, male hair loss, stress hair loss, physical hair loss, chemical hair loss, symptomatic hair loss, nutritional metabolic hair loss, infectious hair loss, endocrine disorder hair loss, alopecia areata.

Eat 3 types of food to effectively prevent hair loss1.

Protein in foods contains protein that is a hair growth aid.

Good quality proteins include fresh fish, meat, eggs, soy products, milk and more.

These protein and protein foods can be digested and absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract to form various amino acids. After entering the blood, they are absorbed by the hair papilla at the root of the hair and synthesize keratin. After keratinization, it is our hair.

This process shows that protein is the basis of hair.


Foods containing trace elements Copper and iron in trace elements also play an important role in maintaining the health of hair.

A lack of copper can cause hair color to fade.

Iron plays an important role in ensuring the oxygen content of the blood transported to the hair.

Alkaline and alkaline inorganic salts (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc.) in green vegetable foods can neutralize acidic substances that are not good for hair growth in the body and replace them with non-toxic substances to replace the body.

Gray hair or hair loss can be embarrassing. Maybe you have tried all kinds of methods to no avail. It is best to eat more zinc-containing foods.


Hair loss and dandruff from vitamin-containing foods are common symptoms of vitamin a deficiency.

Carrots, spinach, lettuce leaves, almonds, kernels, mango and other fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamin a, and animal liver, fish, shrimp and egg foods also contain rich vitamin a; vitamin b can promoteScalp metabolism is generally found in fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains. The normal function of the sebaceous glands to secrete fat depends on the sufficient absorption of vitamin c. At the same time, vitamin c can activate the microvascular wall, so that hair roots can absorb nutrients in the blood smoothly.

4 tips for preventing hair loss1, maintaining proper exercise, hair will be radiant and dark 2, and adequate sleep can promote the normal metabolism of skin and accessory hair, and the metabolic period is mainly at night, especially from 10pm to 2amIn between, this can get enough sleep and normal hair metabolism.

On the contrary, the hair’s metabolism and nutritional balance will be lost.

Suggestion: Try to get more than 6 hours of sleep every day, and take a proper rest for 10-30 minutes at noon, and develop the habit of sleeping regularly.

3. Avoid excessive damage to the hair. Perming and hair blowing will cause certain damage to the hair.

The hot temperature blown by the hair dryer reaches 100 degrees, which can damage the hair tissue and damage the scalp; hair dye and perm liquid also have friction on the hair, reducing the gloss and elasticity of the hair more often, and even turning yellow and dry; ultraviolet radiation in sunlightThe damage caused makes the hair dry and yellow; the warm and humid air and cold wind of the air conditioner can be the cause of hair loss and white hair. Too much dry air or excessive humidity is not good for protecting the hair.

Recommendation: Dyed and permed at least 3-6 months.

In the summer, avoid sun exposure, swimming, and sunbathing should pay more attention to protection.

4, pay attention to diet nutrition often eat foods rich in protein and trace elements.

At the same time, eat more vegetables and fruits, and less oily and sugary foods.