[Let ‘s eat persimmons on vacation]_Auntie can eat persimmons

[Let ‘s eat persimmons on vacation]_Auntie can eat persimmons

Persimmon is one of the more popular fruits. Persimmon even tastes sweet, and it is more nutritious and has many benefits to the human body.

Persimmon can effectively improve the human body’s immunity, promote human digestion, reduce human hypertension, lower blood pressure, and lower blood lipids.

And women are in a sensitive period, and their diet needs special attention. Can they eat persimmons during the holidays?

First of all, women can eat persimmons during menstruation. Moderate eating will not affect menstruation, but persimmons should not be eaten more or on an empty stomach. It is also better not to eat with acidic food.

The role of persimmon: 1.

The pectin contained in the laxative laxative persimmon is a predetermined supplementary fiber that has laxative effects and has a significant effect on relieving constipation and maintaining the growth of normal flora in the body.


Runfei Shengjin persimmon is sweet, astringent, and cold. It has the effects of clearing heat and moistening the lungs, removing dryness and thirst, and it is effective in treating acute and chronic bronchitis.


Protecting cardiovascular persimmons contains flavonoids, which help stabilize and lower blood pressure, soften blood vessels, increase coronary flow, and can promote blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, and improve cardiovascular function.


The implanted acid and enzyme in the hangover persimmon can break down the alcohol, the diuretic effect of sugar and potassium, eating persimmon can promote the oxidation of ethanol in the blood, effectively help the body excrete alcohol, and reduce the harm of alcohol to the body.


The heat-clearing and hemostatic persimmon contains a large amount of organic acids and residues, and the acidity has astringent effect, which causes gastrointestinal digestion and astringent intestines to stop bleeding, which can relieve dry stool, hemorrhoid pain or bleeding.

Precautions when taking a holiday, do not touch cold things.

Cool things Some persimmons, tea is cold.

And crabs and other seafood are cold, fruits such as oranges, watermelons should also try to eat less!

2, fatigue and drowsiness are prone to menstrual periods, and emotional changes are great, so it is best not to drink strong tea, coffee, etc.

3. It is not suitable for movements and actions penetrating the abdominal cavity pressure and penetrating the abdominal cavity vibration.

Such as shaking the hula hoop, run fast 4, do not do jumping exercises, this is not good for women’s lower body.

5. If you ca n’t help but eat cold foods such as persimmon and have abdominal discomfort, you can chop the ginger powder and drink it in brown sugar water to relieve the symptoms.

6, pay attention to menstrual blood.

Especially animal blood, it is not only rich in iron, but also enough for high-quality protein, it is an ideal menstrual period health food.