[How to store lentils for a long time]_How to save_How to save

[How to store lentils for a long time]_How to save_How to save

Everyone should often eat lentils as a vegetable. There are many types of lentils. Common lentils are green lentils and purple lentils.

Because of its own constituents, its vitamin c and other trace elements can provide a good supplement to the human body.

But lentils are a kind of fresh vegetables. If they are not stored properly, they will easily rot. So how should lentils be stored for a long time?

First, we all know the purchase of lentils. One kind of lentils on the market is tender lentils for vegetable consumption. Depending on the pod color, they can be divided into white lentils, green lentils, and purple lentils.

Generally, white lentils are preferred. The pods are thick and tender, and the fragrance is beautiful.

For this kind of lentils for vegetable consumption, you should choose a tender pod with a bright pod skin and a thick flesh that does not show seeds; if the pod skin is thin, the grains are visible, and the gloss is dark, it is old and can only be peeled for consumption.

For vegetable lentils, if the skin of the pod is thinned, and the grains are obvious and dull, then we are not suitable to buy.

Another kind of beans is mainly used as a staple food or medicinal, mainly edible dry beans, which are also white, black, brown or patterned.

Different beans have even different nutritional values and effects, so when we choose, we must also combine our physical conditions and nutritional nourishment requirements.

Second, the preservation of lentils For fresh lentils, we can first blanch with boiled water, and then wait for the lentils to cool down, then keep them in fresh bags, pay attention to sealing, and put them in the refrigerator.Just take it when you want to eat.

Boil a large pot of water, put salt in it, put the washed lentils into the hot, quickly follow it with a large shovel, remove and place a hollow marker on the top, and turn it in the middle.It’s fine, then put it in a bag and keep it sealed.

I will introduce some methods for the preservation and purchase of lentils. For delicious food, the purchase and preservation of ingredients is very important, because the purchased ingredients are not good or appear during preservation.The problem is that it will have a great impact on the production of ingredients and the taste of food.