[How to make baby rice cereal]_ children _ production method

[How to make baby rice cereal]_ children _ production method

Baby rice cereal is added to our baby’s complementary food in our life. Generally, rice cereal will be added when the baby is 8 months old.

Rice cereal is relatively easy for the baby to absorb and digest, and we can feed it to the baby just by stirring the water, so rice cereal is more convenient for the baby. At the same time, rice cereal can also add some pork liver and other ingredients.Help blood.

How to make rice cereal for babies (1) The rice cereal for babies from 4 to 6 months can be supplemented with food for four months.

The first supplementary food that should be added is a thin, pure rice paste. When the baby consumes pure rice paste for 2 weeks, if there is no allergy, you can add pig liver or egg yolk that can supplement iron.

Pork liver mud rice paste material: 5g of pork liver, 20g of rice, 1 piece of ginger.

Method: Cook the rice and prepare it for later use.

During cooking, slice pork liver, add a small amount of ginger, and marinate for 20 minutes before steaming.

After the rice is cooked, add water and stir with the steamed pork liver slices to form a rice paste.

Tip: Please note that you can only add one kind of food to each rice cereal meal, and start with a small amount, if the baby does not have allergies, start adding portions.

Supplementary foods for infants under one year of age do not require additional condiments.

Egg yolk is also a good iron supplement. Egg yolk rice paste is also suitable for babies over four months.

(2) Rice cereals for babies from 6 months to 9 months can eat more food for babies over 6 months. From a variety of vegetables to fruits and vegetables, from meat to viscera, they can be used by children.Among the rice cereal.

However, it should be noted that the types of tomatoes, cold melon, and celery that are too sour, sweet, and strong are best consumed by the baby every month to avoid causing allergies or indigestion.

Preparation of Huaishan rice cereal: Huaishan, rice method: Cook Huaishan into a mud after cooking, add to the rice cereal.

Tip: At this month’s age, children should also add supplements from a small amount, a single variety, and begin to add.

If your baby is not allergic, you can increase the amount of food.

In addition to Huaishan, potatoes, vegetables, winter melon and other foods can be added to the rice cereal.

If you want to feed your baby peanuts and sesame seeds, remember to grind them into mud before you can feed them!

(3) Babies aged 9 months and older should have tasted various foods at this time!

At this time, the baby can also eat rotten rice, that is, a small amount of thick rice paste, and the ingredients added to the rice paste can also be crushed vegetables or minced meat!

Rice paste for babies is not limited to adding only one kind of food.

Five-color nutritious pigeon rice cereal preparation: 100g pigeon, 250ml bone soup, corn, half carrot root, 50g fresh Zhunshan.

Method: Pigeons are steamed and shredded into shredded pork, then chopped for later use.

Carrots, washed and minced or ground into mash after cleaning.

Chopped meat and vegetables, if the baby is older, like a full-year-old baby, you can chop larger particles. If it is a baby, use a hand mixer to make mud, or chop into mud to prevent the baby from holding it.

Add to the pot and steam.

Tip: When making rice cereal for babies under one year old, it is still necessary to pay attention to not adding various condiments, so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys of the child.

The rice paste for children can be thicker.

At this time, the conversion provided by various complementary foods in a day can account for 60% or more of the baby’s total conversion in a day.