Summer baby anti-mosquito the most method of large inventory

Summer baby anti-mosquito “the most” method of large inventory

Summer is here, baby’s delicate skin is easy to attract mosquitoes, some parents will buy anti-mosquito products to protect the baby, but not all anti-mosquito products are suitable for baby use, such as improper use can cause allergic reactions.
Let’s introduce the summer baby anti-mosquito method for everyone.
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It is also possible to become an allergen, and allergic babies are easy to recruit.
In particular, the mosquito repellent bracelet will directly contact the skin. If the child with delicate skin is worn for a long time, it may cause skin diseases such as rash.
銆€銆€The most portable: anti-mosquito liquid When the mother takes the baby out for a walk, he can apply some anti-mosquito liquid to the baby to prevent mosquito bites.
However, you should pay attention to the use of anti-mosquito solution for your baby: First, do not apply the anti-mosquito solution directly to the baby’s face, avoid the eyes, mouth, ears, etc., and do not directly spill on the wound or the skin of the rash;Second, do not let your baby’s hands get anti-mosquito liquid, so as not to let the child send the hand to the entrance, resulting in poisoning; third, the child is best to use anti-mosquito solution with a concentration of less than 10%.
銆€銆€The safest: Screen Door Mosquito Net Infants and young children have strong skin absorption capacity and weak respiratory resistance, so chemical mosquito repellent products should be avoided as much as possible.
Physical methods such as hanging mosquito nets and Anzemen screens are the most effective and no side effects, but mosquito nets must be cleaned regularly.
銆€銆€Most natural: pitcher plants, night scent, etc. Nepenthes is a typical carnivorous plant, which has certain curative effect on diseases such as hepatitis, stomach pain, high blood pressure and cold, and can catch mosquitoes.
Some plants also contain some smells that mosquitoes don’t like, such as night primrose, jasmine, Milan, mint, etc., but this needs to be placed on a large scale, and only a few pots are not effective.
Your baby’s bedroom should not be placed with too many insect repellent plants and must be placed in the vents.
In addition, babies who are allergic or allergic to pollen, it is best not to use these plants to repel mosquitoes.
銆€銆€The most commonly used: electric mosquito coils Recently, there is a microblog on the Internet that a mosquito coil is equal to 6 packs of cigarettes, which really makes Bao Dabao mothers sweat.
Whether it is electric mosquito coil or disc mosquito coil, their mosquito repellent principles are similar. They contain pyrethroids. The added fragrance or chemical ingredients will stimulate the baby’s eyes and respiratory system. Even the odorless electric mosquito liquid is equally toxic.There is no fragrance added inside, it is recommended not to use it for infants.
If you must use it, try to put it in a well-ventilated place and avoid using it for a long time.
銆€銆€Xiao Bian summary: families with babies should pay attention to anti-mosquito, clean up the water in the house in time to prevent mosquito breeding; when going outdoors, choose light-colored clothes and take appropriate anti-mosquito measures.
Smart parents will not let your baby suffer from mosquitoes!